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Fola Salami

Care Worker

Hello, my name is Fola

I am a dedicated Care Assistant with expertise with the provision of exemplary care to maintain the health, safety and development of my clients, often with complex health care needs.
I obtain extensive knowledge of health care services and highly skilled in abiding to individual care plans. I am skilled in mental health support with great attention in driving and maintaining client independence and well-being. I demonstrate strong leadership qualities with the ability to solve minor queries amongst my fellow carers and supervise the provision of safe and compassionate care. I take pride in my integrity and working in the best interest of clients while ensuring compliance with policies and guidelines to promote Home Care efficiency.

My skills include Health and social care
Health Promotion
Client Care
Mental Health Support
Client Management
Providing high standards of care for clients with a focus of everyday care such as personal hygiene, mental and physical stimulation and general well-being.
Ensuring the accurate completion of all administered medication.
Acting in the best interest of clients while ensuring compliance and company policies and guidelines are met
Promoting empathetic communication with client relatives
Ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of client rooms and communal areas to promote client safety

I chose Choice Global because they are the biggest role models for a lot of Domiciliary Care Companies because they go over and beyond for their clients and carers. Choice Global is a safe space where I can max out my potential while being the best version of myself which enables me to provide the best and safest health care to clients. Choice Global put their clients and clients families in the core of their work processes to ensure that at the end of every day everyone feels happy and content and this is why I chose Choice Global.

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