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At CGL, a high level of care is guaranteed

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Since 2017 when we started Choice Global as a Domiciliary Care Agency, we have provided quality care to adults from age 18 and above, in the community with a high level of personal care and friendship. We have covered a good portion of our Watford community, Three Rivers and St Albans giving our clients a new lease of life and helping in creating an enabling environment for families to express themselves.

We have always aimed to enhance the independence of our service users in every way that is available to us, under the terms and conditions. This, we believe, enables our clients to make decisions and be expressive with their daily lives.

We also support local charities and engage in activities that promote diversity and creativity, a reason for our membership in the Watford chamber of commerce and our charitable work in chapel of Glory International. We have since grown from a 2 staff team strength to a 41 staff team in the short time, by focusing on staff training, development and best practices. We try to work hand in hand with the clients to guide them through the process of making a healthy choice of care, and this is a driving force for our care delivery.

CGL Team

We are building a formidable team at Choice Global that delivers a person centred style of domiciliary care. Our team is built on the philosophy of quality and commitment, ensuring that our clients and their families can remain at home and live an independent life.  During staff selection, the recruitment team aims to look for traits like kindness, empathy. This has, over the years, helped to drive our philosophy. Our recruitment is based on equal opportunity. We have staff of various background and we provide regular on-going support and training for our staff in order to provide a high quality service at all times.

Our personal care assistants and support workers are directly employed by us and are continuously assessed and provided with ongoing training to ensure skills and working practices are up to date.

In addition, the team constantly undergo training and development in best practises. Beyond this, past training are reviewed and refresher training are taken to just ensure that our practice are in line with our visions and meets CQC requirements. The enthusiasm that the team has shown in undergoing training and development has been overwhelming.

Our care staff encourage all clients to live life to the fullest and provide daily opportunities to stimulate physical and mentally activity whether that be a drive out to a favourite place, joining a local club or social gathering, shopping or just help with daily routines.




Choice Global team provides a complete package of services. These includes personal care, companionship, cleaning, general maintenance, live in care and house help so that a loved one can remain at home and live an independent life.  At choice global, we create a package that is focused on you and your needs. We train our staff not to be sympathetic to you or your needs, but to be kind and empathetic, focused on getting the best out of you.
We are open to a number of care ranges and our administrators are very patient and attentive.
We use an up to date automated system for records and assignments. Our carers are technology savvy and are well equipped to communicate with you and your loved ones as regards your needs, based on their level of training.
Our fees are very pocket friendly in addition to standardly positioned to suit your needs.
To request a brochure of our full range of services, click on the link in the adjoining picture.

Modern Bridge

Our drive for growth and support for the community has informed our decisions as regards training affiliations and care standards affiliations. We are currently regulated by the CQC, and registered with the HCPA. We are a member of the Herts Chamber of Commerce and also perform numerous charitable practices in the community. We encourage growth in our team and encourage kindness in our members by showing it in our charitable offerings to the Chapel of Glory International. 

We participate in community events and encourage some of our clients to take part in carnivals and fund raising events for those in need.

We are also a member of UKHCA and the ICO. We encourage our staff to be law abiding and very helpful in the community. 


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